Our heroes

These heroes are our trainees. All bright people with a healthy ambition and a pleasant personality. They are usually in a team consisting of eight people and together they go through the program and the InterVision. With that knowledge they work on beautiful projects for our clients.

Meet our heroes

Meet the managers

These are the people who manage and maintain the breeding ground.

Meet the managers

We are Young Colfield

These are exciting times. A continuous flood of new technology is changing the world faster than you can say ‘business model’. And the pace at which these innovations succeed each other is constantly growing.

Move along in this reality is the only option. Creating circumstances that allow you to affect the directions. With a promising momentum as a common goal. But how do you do it? Or even more important; with whom? Because no matter how future proof the business strategy may seem, without the right people you won’t achieve anything.

Someone should give the first push. And somebody isn’t just anybody. This is about young hunters without prejudice. A new generation of independent spirits who pursue answers and who won’t hold on to inherent procedures. Talent with courage and ambition. But most of all people who believe in what they do. Because even though you learn how to work with Excel or create your PowerPoint presentation if you’re not convinced yourself, no one will believe you.

This is a quality you can’t find in a book or learn at college. It is a mindset. The discovery and development of this is what drives us.

We help our talents with their development by discovering who they are, but most of all by being themselves. Only in this way you create thinkers who outshine and surprise others under the most challenging conditions.

Get the whole thing in motion. Into the right direction. That is what we believe in and will do anything to make it happen.

What we also do

Social responsibility is quite a broad term. For us it means that we try to make the society a little better where possible. For example by tutoring immigrants at the Wibaut College one morning a week. And by helping Amsterdam Cares with volunteering in the area.

Want to come and work with us?

We facilitate a breeding ground where talent can grow. Such a breeding ground needs attention. We provide that. Are you eager to develop yourself? Then you’re at the right place.


We go back to the year 2006. At a time when technological advances were changing the world in just a beat. In short, a time in which you as a company no longer survived purely by knowledge and experience Eelco Veltenaar and Bart Kollau, founder of consulting firm Colfield, also noticed that. They saw that there was a market for young talent. A new generation who were raised in a digital world and who had a fresh standpoint regarding issues. We have to do something about that, they thought. And hey presto : Young Colfield was born.

Around 9 years and 150 trainees later Young Colfield still has the attitude of a startup. Flexible, creative and dedicated to success.